An International family business

About us

We believe transportation is much more than just moving goods around, for BRUK Cargo Services LTD, international trades are all about people. Uniting cultures and nations through globalization we are now able to experience the best of every country. 

As an international family business we decided to establish the company once we had a “need” to send and receive goods from our loved ones, one thing lead to another and today we move cargo for major companies worldwide. For all kinds and sizes AIR, SEA, Road, Rail, Removals, Personal Effects full loads and loose cargo, we are able to assist and provide outstanding customer experience.

We know shipping is not everyone’s background and yes, there’s a lot involved. But that’s why we are here to supply consultancy and services to our customers and doing much more than just connecting A to B. 

Our aim is to efficiently fulfil our customers needs increasing our network creating relationships.  

BRUK Cargo Services