Storage and shipping for your e-commerce business.

E-commerce fulfillment

Following the world latest trends, we have decided to launch this product taking onboard new accounts We handle everything from depot to final customer inventory, storage, pick & pack, delivery giving your online store that professional look. Our software integrates seamlessly with many popular e-commerce platforms, providing you with real-time stock management, tracking, returns for a bit of peace of mind. Take the time and stress out of your hands and focus on your products while we take care of your logistics needs.

 At BRUK Cargo Services LTD. our expertise in streamlining the multiple commercial transactions between our clients and their customers allows them to be agile for any requirement.

The customised fulfilment solutions throughout the UK and Europe provide a seamless service from order processing and management of inventory through to pick, pack and dispatch designed to optimise final mile delivery to a multitude of end points.

A storage layout is designed for each customer to be specific to their needs and varying product types to ensure all services are performed effectively, that can include segregation of areas and brand relocation.

The Process

We Receive and Inspect

Our dedicated receiving team will receive, count, verify and put away your stock.

At every stage you have complete visibility, so you know when a delivery has arrived at our warehouse, when it is being verified and a list of what arrived.

If there are any discrepancies you get a full, easy to read report.

We Store Your Stock

Every unit of your inventory is stored cleanly and securely in one of our warehouses and managed digitally using our warehousing technology, so we always know where your stock is located.

As your Fulfilment Partner, we provide your business with affordable, secure, and scalable storage meaning you only pay for what you use.

Pick, Pack & Ship

Orders accumulate daily in our platform from your selling channels and when the warehouse opens, our team pick, pack, and ship according to your requirements.

Our robust processes coupled with our warehousing Technology help us to pick and pack orders fast, accurately, and reliably.

Orders are shipped daily for delivery within 24 Hours. Alternatively, you can choose a 2-3-day delivery service for a more cost-effective approach.

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