1. The values stated in the proposal will be revised in case the weight or dimensions of the loads change in any way.

2. The information contained in the present proposal portrays the contracted conditions for the execution of the services in reference, and, at the moment of its acceptance, the client assumes all the costs informed in this document.

3. In addition to the conditions specified herein, the transportation/cargo management services will also be governed by the clauses contained in the respective bills of lading.

4. 4. Amounts in foreign currencies will be converted into Pounds Sterling (GBP) on the date of payment, based on the Bank of England’s opening rate plus exchange protection.

5. All cargo shall be delivered in suitable packaging for shipment, according to the respective modal, if not performed by the SERVICE PROVIDER BRUK CARGO SERVICES LTD.

6. Taxes will be charged on imports and export DDP services, duly converted to local currency.

7. The CONTRACTING PARTY is responsible for the reimbursement of the amount referring to the withholding of income tax levied on the total value of the air and sea freight, and services performed in countries considered to be tax favored (Tax Haven), at the rate of 33.33% on the total value of the shipments.

8. 8. In case of creation and/or increase of new taxes on the provision of services, and / or that impact on its cost, these will be passed on to the customer automatically in full.

9. The present proposal does not include the value of International Insurance. Thus, the SERVICE PROVIDER BRUK CARGO SERVICES LTD is exempt from any kind of damages.

10. If interested, the HIRED BRUK CARGO SERVICES LTD, can provide an International Transport Insurance through a partnership with a third party company, upon formal written request and prior to shipment. For such, consult our values.

11. According to the English legislation, the HIRED BRUK CARGO SERVICES LTD and the Insurance Company are exempted from any responsibility for the claim, if the client has not paid the insurance premium within the period stated in the policy.

12. Neither party will be liable to the other for indirect losses and damages, loss of profits and consequential damages such as: but not limited to loss of profitability, loss of business opportunity, line stoppage, business interruption, fines of any kind, delays, own or third party damages.

13. Freight rates are subject to change without notice and are determined by the airlines, shipping and carriers. In this case, the corresponding surcharge will be informed and passed on to the customer.

14. Other expenses resulting from extraordinary charges such as stays, storage, overnight stays, extra helpers, unloading, fees with authorities, etc., will be passed on to the customer. All surcharges suffered by the SERVICE PROVIDER BRUK CARGO SERVICES LTD, as well as their adjustments, will be fully and automatically charged to the client, such as, but not limited to, BAF/EFAF/EBAF/GRIS, fuel tax; The shipments are subject to approval by the shipowner and availability of space and equipment; In cases of shipment FCL (Full Container) should be observed the deadline for the return of the container used, which should occur within the period of stay of the same. In case of delay in returning the containers, the client is subject to daily charges of Demurrage/Detention containers.

15. The estimated Transit Time is subject to change without prior notice.

16. The container may be “rolled” to the next vessel, by the carrier, without notice.

17. The copy of the BL/AWB will be made available for review, free of charge, within the stipulated time frame. After the deadline, any request for correction will be subject to a correction fee and/or
correction fee and/or penalty.

18. Cargo classified as DG (Dangerous Goods) will be subject to shipping approval provided the documents requested by the shipowner or airline are presented within the established deadlines.

19. In case of loss of terms/deadline of the requirements for shipment due to the exporter’s/importer’s failure, additional costs may be charged, as well as correction fees, demurrage, detention, storage, among others. These values will be passed on to the CONTRACTOR.

20.  It is at the discretion of the SERVICE PROVIDER BRUK CARGO SERVICES LTD to hire third parties to partially or completely carry out the services hereunder.

21. The clearance at origin/destination will be on the account of the EMPLOYER if not requested to the SERVICE PROVIDER BRUK CARGO SERVICES LTD.

22. For FCL shipments are included 3 hours for loading/unloading, after this period subject to a charge of